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Within a legal practice, productivity can be the difference between success and failure because it affects everything from client satisfaction to profitability. When staff members are productive, they are better able to efficiently provide clients with the services they need. This improved efficiency results in cost-cutting and may eventually lead to increased profits.

As law firm leaders seek to improve productivity within their practices, they should look to the benefits of legal technology. Many software options on the market include features that can help attorneys and firm support members perform their tasks in a more productive manner.

If you aren’t…

TimeSolv offers the flexibility of creating Custom Fields. These are user-defined fields allowing you to be as creative and intuitive as needed when storing information under Clients, Matters, Contacts, and Matters Groups. What’s more, we just rolled out an update allowing users to import Custom Fields for Clients and Matters. This week’s Tip of the Week will walk you through how to achieve this.

To set import Client or Matter Custom Fields, click under Account>Import/Export>Import.

Select the import entity as either Client Custom Fields or Matter Custom Fields.

The choice of language that appears on Client invoices is a necessary part of your firm’s brand and how your clients perceive you and your firm. That’s why on this week’s Tip of the Week we want to help you make sure the narratives on your invoices are consistent and clear.

TimeSolv gives you maximum flexibility when it comes time to create the language of your invoice. You can set up global narratives that will become the default language on your invoices. Simply head under Clients>Settings>Invoice Settings and scroll to the bottom of the screen to the ‘Invoice Narratives‘ section…

Thanks to a recent update that TimeSolv made, our customers can now safely store their clients’ credit card, bank account, and eCheck details on file via LawPay/Affinipay. The information will all be technically stored in LawPay, but you can key in the details within the TimeSolv web-app so you can use those payment details to charge your clients. This process will not only improve your level of security, but it will enhance your business’s operations and efficiency. …

The challenges of COVID-19 have created an abundance of questions about the legal industry and what law firms can do to navigate these challenges and remain viable through this pandemic. Many lawyers and firm leaders look to industry advisors for insight and guidance when handling the problems they are facing.

This post looks at 7 common solutions being offered to attorneys and firms in the age of COVID-19.

Solution #1 Provide Excellent Client Services

Lawyers must recognize that worries normally felt by legal clients may be exacerbated during this time by added anxieties brought on by COVID-19. …

The legal tech industry has experienced a significant boom over the last decade, with lawyers increasingly recognizing the value of innovation and modernized processes. Firms that embraced these technologies faced the unexpected demands of COVID-19 armed with necessary technologies and tools. Firms that resisted this movement found themselves disturbingly ill-prepared for the pandemic.

Whether your firm falls on the prepared end of the spectrum or you’re searching for the right legal tech tools, this is the perfect time to examine your current use of technology and whether it’s being used most effectively.

This post will take a look at legal…

COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty to the legal industry, including what effect the pandemic will have on various practice areas. While legal experts warn that some practice areas will likely experience diminished activity, they also predict that others will flourish from the numerous legal issues of COVID-19.

This post will take a look at some common legal practice areas and how they may be affected during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Corporate and Business Law

While corporate lawyers may see less work in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, they will likely see more matters related to restructuring, litigation, and insolvency. Many companies…

At the core, law firms are also businesses, and the business world has been hit hard by COVID-19. With mandatory closures, market strains, and procedural disruptions, legal professionals are feeling the strain of this brewing financial crisis.

Law practices of all sizes, from solo practitioners to large firms, are facing some common challenges during the pandemic, including:

  • Strained Workforce — Attorneys and firm staff are facing their own challenges under COVID. Illness, family obligations, financial struggles, and mental health all impact the legal workforce, which can spill over into law practices. Firm leaders may be faced with greater absenteeism or…

I know, I know, we’re always harping on about how we’re so vested in our customer’s feedback as we continue to enhance our app to make the most pristine perfect legal billing and management tool on the market. But what can we say? It’s true! When we found that there is a need for an option to group ‘Billable’ and ‘No Charge’ entries by the Time Entries, we made sure it happened. This week’s Tip of the Week takes a look at how you can now group those entries in the invoice Time Summary section.

So, let’s say you are…

COIVD-19 has turned the business landscape on its head, and law firms will not be exempt from these changes. By most accounts, this pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon, so firm leaders must craft a work environment that promotes safety and wellness, while also effectively serving clients. As legal professionals get back to the business of law, they will experience a new normal in the way that law firms look, operate, and deliver services.

Virtual Work

Until recently, many law firms looked down on associates working exclusively from home. Remote work was seen as nonproductive and even unprofessional. But COVID-19 has placed…


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