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Super Bowl LII is in the books. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in TimeSolv’s hometown of Minneapolis to celebrate and enjoy one of the most celebrated sporting events of the year. While the game itself provided four quarters of action packed gridiron battle, it also offered some valuable entrepreneurial lessons that you may have missed in your whirlwind of hot wings and craft beer. So, now that you have either thoroughly celebrated or nursed your broken heart, let’s take an objective look at some lessons you and your law practice can take away from Super Bowl LII.

Every game matters

Just think what you could accomplish if you view your cases in the same way. Your clients rely on you to handle some of the biggest challenges of their lives. While a final divorce decree or closed real-estate deal may not compare to the pomp and circumstance of the Super Bowl, they are still extremely important events for your clients. Treat them as such by demonstrating a consistent dedication to every task and step of the case. Just as football teams prepare for each game, you should prepare for each pleading, conference, and client meeting as if it’s one step closer to the big victory. Don’t let laziness or overconfidence negatively affect your performance. Always remember that your clients are counting on you to perform, just like the fans in the bleachers count on their teams to perform. Exceptional client service may not only lead to a short-term victory, it also results in better client relationships, repeat business, and valuable future referrals.

Adapt to changes

The legal industry is in midst of numerous changes. From the rise of globalization to the influence of technology on the practice of law, the legal community is constantly transforming and, in order to stay relevant, you have to determine where and how your law firm will adapt to this new landscape. Many firms will not be able to keep pace with the expectations of a clientele that is becoming more and more technically savvy. So, it is imperative that you adjust what is happening on your respective football field. Of course, that looks different for every practice. For some, adapting may mean tightening up cybersecurity procedures. For others, it may mean adding a new technical practice area. Still for others, adapting may be as simple as moving from an antiquated legacy billing system to a new and innovative cloud-based billing system, like TimeSolv. Wherever your firm falls on the spectrum, you need to be ready and willing to adapt in order to stay relevant and profitable.

When preparation and opportunity don’t equal luck

The only way you lose is to give up

  • Find one if you don’t already have one — someone who has been doing this a lot longer then you to offer you some good advice, or at least a listening ear.
  • Bar resources. Virtually every bar has a small or solo practice section, where you can network with other attorneys and take advantage of useful resources.
  • Giving yourself a break. Allow yourself time to rest, relax, and recharge. You would be amazed how a little time away from the office can change your perspective on a loss.

Originally published at on February 14, 2018.

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